7 Eleven Comes to Downtown Paterson
K.C. Ruffel
May 26, 2015
Famous for its Big Gulp soft drinks and Big Bite hot dogs, the 7 Eleven chain already has one convenience store in Paterson. They plan to open a new location on the corner of Main and Market Streets within the Downtown Business Cooridor.
7‑Eleven stores have fresh-delivered-daily sandwiches and salads, fresh-baked donuts and cookies, hot pizza, mini-tacos and chicken wings, fresh-brewed coffee and espresso drinks. They also offer our 7-Select private brand of products with quality as good as any name-brand yet 10 to 20 percent less expensive than similar items on the shelves. All that and all the classic favorites like Big Bite® hot dogs, Slurpee and Big Gulp® drinks


Crown Roll Leaf, part of Paterson’s developing high-tech sector, makes sophisticated security holograms. The businesses is one of many thriving in Paterson's tax-advantaged Urban Enterprise Zone.