Great Falls Great Food Great Stories
K.C. Ruffel
September 25, 2015

Great Falls Great Food Great Stories is a new project for Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park: a platform that connects the historical and environmental narratives of the Great Falls district to contemporary life in Paterson, NJ, through the lens of food.

The project will launch tomorrow September 30th through a campaign with Paterson restaurants and historical "story fronts" on Market Street. Look out for new signage at local restaurants, new community partnerships, and a social media campaign that will bring the park into the streets of Paterson.

We hope that you'll share a taste of your experience visiting Paterson Great Falls by participating with us in our #GreatFallsGreatFood #Paterson campaign.

Go post a photo or a memory of your experience with food in Paterson, NJ to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!