New Visitor Center Opens at Great Falls National Park
K.C. Ruffel
April 21, 2015

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015 advocates, students, city employees, and Patersonians gathered for the grand opening of the newly renovated Welcome Center at the national park.

he 1,000-square-foot center at 65 McBride Avenue now features exhibits and displays about the Great Falls as well as a gift shop offering specialty items that highlight the history of Paterson. Souvenirs are on sale range from board games, mugs bearing logos of the Great Falls, key chains, and t-shirts. In addition, the center will remain as the home meeting venue for the City of Paterson Historic Preservation Commission.

The new welcome center is an important part of the ongoing effort to transform the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park into a thriving tourist destination.

See the video here.

History on Display

The Holland submarine, the world’s first craft of its kind, launched in the Passaic River. A display on the sub is among the highlights at the Paterson Museum.