PRC Assists City of Paterson with Redevelopment Plans

The PRC is assisting with the City of Paterson's Redevelopment Master Plans. the plans are currently undergoing revisions by the Planning Board. As a result, the City is allowed to better focus on types of activities that are being done within specific areas. Current activities of focus are the relocation of School No. 6 and the expansion of commercial corridors.

In addition, the PRC anticipates that the increasing development density within the 4th and 5th wards will allow for much needed new housing stock and the creation of new areas for recreation. the updated redevelopment plans will allow for commercial uses on the first floor and residential uses above. The Paterson Housing Authority, Habitation for Humanity and a number of larger developers have shown interest in those areas.

More information on this program and PRC's role will be available soon.

Mill Reuse Survey and Planning

Paterson has completed a survey of 30 mills and complexes, landmarks of the city’s industrial past that are now ideally suited for redevelopment. Of these sites, 28 were determined eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, providing a tax credit opportunity for owners interested in redevelopment.

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